Solving the Top 10 Issues with the Honda Talon: A Comprehensive Guide

Common Problems with Honda Talon

Honda Talons are one of the best UTVs in the market. But even the best products may face problems after a certain time of usage.

The most common problems with Honda Talon are engine failure, clutch overheating, suspension problem, shifting problem, etc. You can solve all the issues with our detailed instructions.

We will discuss all the problems with Honda Talons in-depth and will provide solutions.

List of common problems with honda talon

Here is a list of some of the most common problems you may face with your Honda Talon:

  1. Engine failure
  2. Clutch overheating
  3. Fan blowing forward
  4. Four-wheeler does not engage
  5. Stiff suspension 
  6. Shifting problems
  7. Prompt shaft U-Joint failure
  8. Inferior factory parts
  9. Dirty airbox (snorkel)
  10. Faulty radiator wiring

Let’s move on to discussing and solving the Honda Talon problems.

Troubleshooting: Most common problems with Honda Talon

Problem 1. Engine failure

Engine failure is one of the most common problems with UTVs, and that’s no different in the case of Honda Talon. Even some new Honda Talon models can face this problem.

When the engine fails, it will be locked. You will not be able to drive your Honda Talon. It can be frustrating if it happens when you are driving far from home.

Honda Talon’s engine usually fails due to bolt break-in. It mainly happens when a bolt gets missing during manufacturing the UTV. This is an accident and rarely happens.

Solution 1.

If the engine of your Honda Talon fails, you need to replace it. Take the UTV to the dealer from whom you bought the vehicle.  You will get a free replacement from Honda if it’s a new unit.

You may need to pay a certain amount of money if your warranty ends. The problem in both cases is that it takes time to complete the whole process. You can get your Honda Talon fixed within months if lucky.

Problem 2. Clutch overheating

Clutch overheating is another common issue with Honda Talon, specifically for 1000X and 1000R models. These models have an indicator that will flash when the clutch gets too hot.

This can happen when you use the accelerator to keep the UTV on an incline, do rock crawling too slowly, and try to pull an immovable object. 

Solution 2.

To cool down a hot clutch, shift your Honda Talon to neutral or park. Allow the engine to idle so that it continues to pump cooling oil into the clutch. Soon the clutch will cool down, and the overheating indicator will turn off automatically. 

Problem 3. The fan blowing air forward

The cooling fan blows away the hot air that the engine produces. Although the fan should blow the air backward, in some Honda Talon SxS models, you might find it blowing forward.

It happens due to false wiring of the fan. Because of air flowing forward, zero air flows through the radiator. As a result, the engine overheats pretty quickly.

Solution 3.

Solving the fan blowing air forward problem in Honda Talon is easy. First, remove the hood and find the connector of the fan.

Then check the loom side R/W wire is connected to which color. If a blue wire, that’s the right connection. But you are most likely to find it attached to a black wire.

Reverse the wiring and connect the blue wire to the loom side R/W wire. Now your Honda Talon’s fan will blow backward.

Problem 4. Stiff suspension 

You may also find your Honda Talon’s suspension too hard or too stiff. Particularly, one owner of a Honda Talon 1000X reported this problem.

As Honda didn’t comment on this issue, we can guess it’s a factory assembly problem.

Solution 4.

To fix the stiff suspension problem of your Honda Talon UTV, you will need a set of rear tender springs. Check the manual to know how to insert it for your particular model of Talon.

However, if you do not have any technical knowledge about such works, you better contact your dealer about the problem.

Problem 5. Shift gate problem

Failing to shift low range is another common issue with Honda Talon. Shifting problems mean the shift lever will hit the back of the shifter gate.

Sometimes you will fail to engage the low shift. It mostly happens when the shift dogs are not aligned properly. This problem can happen even if the shift cables are in the correct position.

Solution 5.

Honda is yet to come up with a solution to this problem. What you can do is buy an alternative shift gate from the market. It may cost you around $30 to $50. 

Remove the shift gate from your Honda Talon and set up the new shift gate. It should solve the problem of the low range shift gate problem.

Problem 6. U-Joint failure 

U-Joint on both the front and rear of the Honda Talon can fail. Some owners of Talon 2019 & 2020 1000X have faced this problem.

There are inner retaining clips that hold cups in the u-joint. When the clips get loosened, the cup of the u-joint falls off from the driveline. 

Solution 6.

Luckily, Honda fixes U-joint problems on Talon completely free of cost. Take your Talon to your dealer, and he will handle the rest.

Keep in mind that you need to have a warranty to get this service free. You may need to pay a small sum of money if the warranty has expired.

Problem 7. Inferior factory parts

Most UTV owners complain that the factory parts of the vehicle are not of the best quality. Such complaints are low in the case of Honda Talon, but not zero.

If you are a normal person who likes to have fun with his Honda Talon, this is not a big deal for you. But if you race with your Talon, you may find some parts of the vehicle are inferior.

Solution 7.

If you feel any part of your Honda Talon is low grade, the only solution is to replace it.  You can look for other brands’ products as you are not satisfied with Honda’s components.

Problem 8. Four-wheel drive engaging issue

This is a rare problem that only a few units of Honda Talon 1000X-4 live models have. When you select I4WD, the drive mode indicator light may blink between 2WD and 4IWD.

Sometimes the front wheel may also have no power when this problem occurs. The launch mode works well, though.

Solution 8.

Sadly, Honda Talon is not sure why this problem happens. The company has tried several methods but failed miserably.

If you go to your dealer or Honda with this problem, they suggest you do not engage in four-wheel drive. This is the solution to the four-wheel engagement problem so far.

Problem 9. Dirty airbox (snorkel)

The airbox in the Honda Talon models works excellently in filtering dust out. But if you are driving in a dirty environment, the snorkel may also get dirty pretty soon. 

It decreases the efficiency of filtering and degrades the overall performance of the vehicle.

Solution 9.

Try to change out the filter on the snorkel to solve this problem. You will find the snorkel beneath the rear passenger tire.

Problem 10. A-arm issues

Honda Talon A-arm issues are pretty common. It mostly happens when the driving area has too many rocks. The problem may also occur if you have installed larger-sized tires.

Solution 10.

First, perform a detailed frame inspection. Measure the wheel centers, also front to back and crisscross. If you find everything is equal, that’s the a-arm problem.

You will need a frame stiffener kit to fix the issue on your Honda Talon. Install the kit following the user manual. If you are confused about the process, call a local mechanic for help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How fast does a Honda Talon go?

Answer: A Honda Talon can go as fast as 75mph. This is the top speed for Talon and most other UTVs in the market. You can drive comfortably and safely at such a high speed.

Question 2: How far can a Honda Talon go on a tank of gas?

Answer: Honda Talon tanks are usually 7 gallons. A Honda Talon can go approximately 100 to 140 miles on a single tank of gas.

Question 3: Is the Honda Talon any good?

Answer: Honda Talon is one of the most reputable and reliable brands for UTVs in the present market. The UTVs respond with excellent brakes and throttle change, as well as keep you on track with target RPM.

Question 4: What size trailer do I need for Honda Talon 4 seater?

Answer: Honda Talon 1000X four-seater UTV is 5.3 feet wide and 9.7 feet long. You will need a little larger trailer to fit the Talon 4 seater well. A trailer that is at least 12 feet long and 7 feet wide is enough for the Talon 4 seater.


These were the most common problems with Honda Talon UTVs. Overall, Honda Talon is pretty good and recommended for anyone wanting a good quality UTV/ATV. We have discussed all the problems with solutions in detail.

If you haven’t bought the Talon and are confused about whether to get one or not, let us tell you that most other brands come with more problems. On the other hand, if you are an existing user, we hope the article helped you to fix Honda Talon’s problems. 


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