Best UTV Spreader Reviews in 2024 (Buying Guide)

If you are fortunate to have a garden or yard then you should consider getting the best utv spreader. The use of spreader has proven to be the easiest and fastest means for farmers and gardeners to apply fertilizers and some other substances on their farm or garden.

Spreader makes it easier for you to achieve much in little space of time. Not having one simply means you have to go through stress to spread your substances on your farm or garden. Knowing fully well the importance of having a spreader for farm or garden work, it is also imperative that you choose the right one for the task you have.

Our Top Spreader Reviews

1. Buyers Products UTVS16 UTV All-Purpose Spreader with Mount

Turn your UTV into a landscaping tool with Buyers Products All-Purpose Spreader. Do you want to quickly and easily distribute salt, fertilizer, seed or feed? The all-purpose spreader is the solution for any of these materials!

This versatile spreader is both rust-proof and adjustable, making it perfect for a variety of needs. With an attached receiver hitch and a 30 ft maximum width, this tool can help you with fertilizing or seeding your yard as well as spreading rock salt in the wintertime! The durable poly hopper holds up to 15 gallons while features like sealed 12V motor make sure everything runs smoothly.

2. Field Tuff AS-125ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader

Field Tuff’s 12-Volt ATV Hitch Mount Spreader is a powerful, conveniently mounted tool for spreading seed or fertilizer. The heavy duty design and durable materials make it strong enough to handle even the harshest conditions while carrying up to 125lbs of product with 16 gallons capacity.

Field Tuff AS-125ATV12 Spreader ensures that you will get the job done efficiently with its 12′ broadcast width.
The controls can be reached from the operator’s seat, and is easy to mount on an ATV or UTV 1 ¼” or 2” receiver hitch.

Field Tuff backs up their products with a 1 year manufacturer warranty which proves how much they care about quality, warranty are subject to change so please check before you buy it.

3. Spintech Hitch-Mount Seed, Salt, and Fertilizer Multi-Spreader

The Spintech Hitch-Mount Seed, Salt, and Fertilizer Multi-Spreader is perfect for ATVs/UTVs of any size. It mounts to a 2 inch receiver hitch on the back of your vehicle with its sturdy polypropylene hopper that can withstand corrosion from fertilizer spreading.

The power this unit requires comes directly in through an accessory outlet (cigarette lighter) so you don’t need to worry about it draining down the battery when not hooked up all day long!

You’ll have complete control over how much seed or granules are dispersed thanks to Spin Tech’s patented “on demand open/close” shut off feature which prevents leakage during those times where your motor isn’t running.

4. FIMCO 5301845 ATV Dry Material Spreader

The FIMCO 5301845 ATV Dry Material Spreader is a versatile and powerful way to spread fertilizer, seed, bait pellets, ice melting pellets or potash.

It can be mounted on most standard-sized ATVs as well as larger UTVs and pickups with the optional 2 inch hitch mounting bracket.

This machine features an adjustable slide gate that controls how much of the dry granular you want to use for your desired application – from 5 ft all they way up 45 ft!

The controls of the slide shut-off gate are adjustable for easy regulation on how much material is going out.

The sturdiness and lightweight despite being made of stainless steel make this spreader incredible; moreover, the polymer hopper has 2.2 cubic, holds 145 lbs of material.

There are different types of spreaders in the market.

Broadcast spreader

The broadcast spreaders are also called rotary spreaders. It is the common type of lawn spreader, and it is perfect for large areas, which is up to an acre or more. This type of spreader makes it easier for you to spread a large area of place without getting exhausted.

The design of the spreader makes it comes with a hopper at the top, which feeds the materials you have to a horizontal spinning disk. Also, some come with settings that make it easier for you to adjust the direction and distance of the spread.

Drop spreaders

Another type of spreader that you are likely to come across is the drop spreaders. This type of spreader is usually equipped with a larger hopper than the broadcast spreader. This larger hopper makes it so easy to drop material directly below the hopper, which makes it a great choice for spreading seeds or fertilizer.

The spreader helps to keep your work so neat so that you do not end up having seeds or fertilizers where you do not want them to be. It is the ideal option for spot-fixing areas of your lawn, farm, or garden that needs fixing without you affecting the health or status of others.

Pull behind spreader

The next on the lists of spreaders that you should know is known as the pull behind spreader. This should not be new to those who own tractor or UTVs and uses for farm or garden work. This is the normal or familiar spreader that is attached to the back of a truck or UTV while you drive and allow it to spread the substances.

These types are known to be heavy-duty spreader. Its application starts from attaching them to the back of a tractor or UTV. Therefore, if you own a UTV and you are interested in getting a spreader, then you should consider a pull-behind spreader.

The design of most of them makes it easier for you to move with tractors or UTVs with the help of the wheels that come with them. Most of them are built with larger hopper capacity and thus helps to spread seeds and fertilizer on large areas in the little space of time.

Its application saves time and energy, and that makes it a great option for those who have a large area of farmland or garden to cover. The only significant setback regarding the pull behind spreader is that most of them come fairly expensive, but you will be sure you are never going to regret your investment on any.

Important things that you need to consider when buying spreader

Now that you’ve got to know about different types of a spreader, it is important that you carefully consider some factors which will help you in making the right choice or decision without any form of regret.

Size of your lawn

The size of your lawn is one of the things you should consider when buying your spreader. The size and the shape of the lawn, garden, or farm will help to determine the size and capacity of the spreader. It is a total waste of time and resources to get a small size spreader when you have a larger area to work on.

If you are dealing with a farm or garden close to an acre of land, you should consider a larger broadcast spreader or the pull behind broadcast spreader. These two mentioned are large enough to cover a significant percentage of your farm or garden.

You can easily detect the size of the spreader you are to get. Not all manufacturer gives a clear indication on the area you can use your spreader, and you are only going to do that with your instinct.


Over time, whatever you get from the market is determined by that amount you are willing to let go. The price of spreader varies in prices as you can find some that are cheap and some that are expensive in the market. The bottom line is that expensive spreader comes with high-quality materials, and that means they have the likely tendency to last longer than cheap spreaders.

Lifespan / Durability

It is important that you opt for a spreader that is durable, and that can only be determined by the quality of the material the spreader is made from. Getting one the is durable will ensure it lasts longer, which will save you the stress and money of buying year in year out.

Also, you need to be sure of the compatibility of the spreader with some substances so that you do not damage your spreader out of ignorance. Check to confirm as those are things that help to determine the lifespan of the spreader.


You need to consider the capacity of the spreader as one of the factors to look into. If you have a large area of farm or garden to cover, you should opt for a spreader with a larger capacity. It will help you to cover a large area within a little space of time compared to using a smaller spreader, and you have to repeat the spreading process over time.

Quality of the spreader

The quality of the spreader is another factor that you need to consider. If you are getting a spreader, you should overlook the price and pay more attention to quality. Getting a quality spreader will save you stress over maintenance and repair.

Frequently asked questions

I have a small yard, which spreader is best for me?

The broadcast spreader is the best for you if you own a small yard. It is the best for a smaller area as it is not compared to the heavy-duty ones that are designed for larger areas.

Do I need a spreader for grass seed?

Yes, you need a spreader for grass seed. A spreader can be used to evenly spread substances of different sizes, and grass seed is not an exemption.

Can I attach a pull-behind spreader to UTVs?

Yes, you can easily attach any pull behind spreader to your UTV. The only challenge you might be faced with is installing the spreader on the UTV, and that can be solved with the application of the right installation tools.


To every problem, there is a solution. To every challenge as regarding spreading seed and fertilizer on your farm or yard, you need the best UTV spreader. This is one of the types of pull behind spreader. So, if you are getting a spreader that you can use with UTV, then it is good you know it is a pull behind spreader.


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