10 Most Common Can-Am Maverick Trail Problems & Solutions

Most Common Can-Am Maverick Trail Problems

Can-Am Maverick Trail is a great entry-level ride. It’s a great option if you want to explore the place around you or go on a small adventure.

The vehicle comes with 10 built-in LINQ mounting points and a superb 650-watt magnet. An integrated front seal bumper ensures durability and a smooth driving experience.

Overall, it’s a great option within budget. But you may want to know about Can-Am maverick trail problems first.

We have found some problems from the Can-Am Maverick trail review, and we will discuss the solutions today.

A list of common can-am maverick trail problems

Here’s a list of common problems with Can-Am Maverick Trail that can worsen your user experience:

  • Low-quality tires
  • Poor suspension
  • Bad starter
  • Overheating
  • Missing screws
  • Sway bar issues
  • Frequent maintenance
  • Low ground clearance
  • Low power
  • GPS won’t turn off

A detailed discussion: can-am maverick trail problems

1. Low-quality tires

The tire is one of the most crucial parts of any vehicle. A good quality tire can make your driving experience smooth and awesome.

But the Can-Am Maverick Trail tires are not good enough. While driving on rough trails, your vehicle may bump a lot.

You may also find the tires not too strong or durable. We would have expected better quality tires for the Can-Am Maverick Trail.


The only solution to this problem is to invest some extra money. A good quality tire set for the maverick trail will cost you a few hundred bucks.

Try to ride with the factory tire for a few days. If you think they are good enough for you, you may not need to change them. Or else you can get good tires online or at any car accessories shop.

2. Poor suspension

Another reason that causes excess bumps and makes your driving experience awful is the poor suspension quality. Not only us but also almost every Can-Am Maverick Trail user has complained about this.

When you are driving on a trail, it’s obvious that the path will be rough with a lot of ups and downs. Bumping is pretty inevitable in such terrains.

But when you purchase a specialized vehicle to drive on such a track, you expect the bumps to be minimal. Unluckily, Can-Am Maverick Trail fails to give you such an experience.


The good thing is that you can improve the suspension quality of your Can-Am Maverick Trail. There are a lot of suspension accessories available on the market that you can use.

Particularly, performance coilovers work pretty well to improve the suspension of any vehicle. They allow you to change the damping, chamber, and height of your Maverick Trail. You will have fewer bumps after installing a set of performance coil-overs.

3. Bad starter

A bad starter problem can be pretty annoying, especially if it happens when you are far from home. It may not happen to everyone, but some users of the Can-Am Maverick Trail have faced this problem.

When your trail has a bad starter problem, you will click sound while trying to start the vehicle, but it will not start. This can happen due to a lot of reasons.

Poor motor, excessive heat, connection malfunction, and corrosion in the engine are some of the common issues why you are facing a bad starter problem. Such problems often result in the engine dying.


If you are in the middle of nowhere with a bad starter problem, you can try a few different solutions. Ask your friend to push the Maverick trail from behind if you are not alone.

Then open up the hood to examine the connections from the engine to the starter. If you find any loose connection, fix it and try to start the vehicle Maverick Trail again.

4. Overheating

Heating is a common problem with all vehicles. It is acceptable until the vehicle gets too hot. The problem with Can-Am Maverick Trail is that it can often overheat.

Overheating can be frustrating for drivers as it also causes other problems. Excessive heat can damage the engine. If you need to start the Maverick Trail urgently, but the engine is overheated, you will have to wait until it cools.

Usually, vehicles have cooling systems to deal with overheating. The Can-Am Maverick Trail has a poor cooling system. That is why you may face this problem if the engine is running for too long or you are driving too fast.


When your Maverick Trail is too hot, keep the engine off for a few minutes and then start again. You can use transmission oil to prevent such problems in the future.

5. Missing screws

Every vehicle uses a lot of screws and bolts to secure different connections. Without screws, the ride will fall apart.

There have been a few complaints from the Can-Am Maverick Trail users that they saw a few screws missing. It is frustrating as you can not drive without the screws due to safety concerns.

However, it is not a common problem. This issue happens during the manufacturing of the trail. 


As missing screws is the fault of the manufacturer, you will need to communicate with your dealer for solutions. Can-Am Maverick Trails come with a limited warranty. Take the trail to the showroom, and they will handle the rest.

It’s essential that you check everything in the vehicle before your first drive. If you see anything missing, follow the solutions we have provided.

6. Sway bar issues

Sway bars are a part of the suspension of automobiles. As you already know, Can-Am Maverick Trail has a poor suspension; you may also face some issues with the sway bar.

The common problem here is that popping or clunking may come out of the sway bar. It mainly happens while you are driving and is pretty annoying.

This is not a big issue and doesn’t harm your Maverick Trail. But the popping, clunking, or unusual sounds can frustrate any driver.


The solution for the sway bar problem is pretty easy, and you can do it yourself at home. Check the bolts in the bar if they are secured well. Often they get loose after a long time of use. Secure the bolts with appropriate torque to fix the issue.

If you still face the problem, try using some grease. Apply the grease around the sway bar, and it will prevent the popping/clunking problem.

7. Frequent maintenance

Every vehicle requires some maintenance to be in good condition for a long time. The Can-Am Maverick also requires the same.

But the problem is the vehicle may need frequent maintenance. It can be frustrating if you need to check and fix different problems every single day.

The problem is less in the Can-Am Maverick Trail DPS. If you are using the basic model, then you may face this problem a lot.


You can avoid frequent maintenance if you take proper care of the Maverick Trail. Use good quality oil & grease and try to keep it clean always. Drive gently and do not go on too rough trails. These things will help you to avoid frequent maintenance of the Can-Am Maverick Trail.

8. Low ground clearance

Can-Am Maverick Trail comes with low ground clearance. That means you can not drive well on the track with large rocks or other objects. Your vehicle will get stuck, and you may need extra hands to move forward.

The poor ground clearance is pretty disappointing. If you are buying the Can-Am Maverick Trail for going on an adventure, this might not be a wise option.


Sadly, there is no permanent fix to this problem. Like you can not fly a car, you can not make the Maverick Trail do something it is not capable of.

However, if you have excellent driving skills, this might not be a big problem for you. You also can consider other high-end options such as Maverick X3 or Maverick Sports.

9. Low power

Can-Am Maverick Trail is an entry-level vehicle that comes with a low budget. That results in low power. Although the engine is 600cc, you may expect a better performance.

If you do not need extra power or are not going to drive too fast, then this is not a problem for you. But if you expect solid performance, you may try to find a solution.


If you already have a Can-Am Maverick Trail, you can try to upgrade the engine for better performance. It can be costly, though.

In case you haven’t bought one, our recommendation would be to go for the Can-Am Maverick Trail 1000. This one has enough power with a 1000cc engine.

10. GPS won’t turn off

GPS is great for tracking your location and finding the best route to your destination. You may not always need it, especially if you’re traveling through familiar routes.

Can-Am Maverick Trail comes with an amazing GPS feature, but the problem is you can not turn it off. It will continuously make different sounds and eat up the battery. This can be pretty annoying.


Sadly there is no direct way to turn off or disable the GPS in Can-Am Maverick Trail while driving. But when you reach your destination and park the vehicle, the GPS will be turned off.

However, there are some benefits of keeping the GPS turned off. If anyone tries to steal your Maverick Trail, you can easily find it back by locating it through GPS.

Earlier, a report came on when a Maverick X3 owner got a notification in the morning that said motion detected in his vehicle. When he checked the location, it was 45 minutes away from his home. Luckily he was able to get back his X3 with the help of the local police due to the GPS.

Frequently Asked Questions: can-am maverick trail problems

Question no. 1: How much does a 2020 Can Am Maverick Trail weigh?

Answer: The 2020 Can-Am Maverick Trail comes with a dimension of 118 x 50 x 69 inches and weighs approximately 1256 lbs. or 569.7 kg. Cargo box capacity for the Maverick trail is 300 lbs. or 136 kg.

Question no. 2: How fast is a Can Am Maverick Trail?

Answer: The Can-Am Maverick is fast enough to make anyone’s journey worthwhile. It has a maximum speed of 70mph in open country. The vehicle can tow a massive weight of 1500 pounds with its 2-inch hitch receiver. 

Question no. 3: Can-Am Maverick Trail be reliable?

Answer: Can-Am Maverick Trail has some issues, such as poor suspension quality and low ground clearance. The latter is not a problem for all but suspension quality could be better. Overall, it is a reliable entry-level utility vehicle within a budget.

Question no. 4: What is DPS on a Can-Am Maverick?

Answer: DPS or Dynamic Power Steering on a Can-Am Maverick means torque wrench Rotax power that ensures complete control and a comfortable driving experience.


There are quite a few issues with the Can-Am Maverick Trail that make it inferior to the high-end models.

  • Low-quality tires
  • Poor suspension
  • Bad starter
  • Overheating
  • Missing screws
  • Sway bar issues
  • Frequent maintenance
  • Low ground clearance
  • Low power
  • GPS won’t turn off

Luckily you have found this article before purchasing the vehicle. Now, it will be easier for you to make the final decisions.

However, these are common problems and are present in almost any utility vehicle. That’s why it may not be wise to ignore the Maverick Trail completely.

Overall, it’s an excellent option within a low budget. The only problem is the poor suspension quality. Other problems may or may not occur in your case.

If you can deal with these problems, buying the Can-Am Maverick Trail will be the best choice. You can return to this page if you find any problem as we have provided the solutions too.


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