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Even the best gardener or farmer will find the spreading of fertilizer or other substances on the garden or farmland very difficult without the best utv sprayer. In past years, farmers or gardeners go through lots of stress, pressure, and all to ensure they carry out their work with spreading things across the farm or garden. It is indeed a stressful process, and it takes time until the innovation of sprayers. 

Sprayer makes the whole process easier. It saves time, energy, and human effort compared to using the traditional method for applying fertilizers. With this in mind, it is so important that you choose a sprayer that will fit your Utv perfectly, and how do you go about that?

This is not a problem. We will offer you a lasting solution. Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Best UTV Sprayer

1. NorthStar ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer with 2-Nozzle Boom
2. Master Manufacturing SAO-11-015A-MM 15 Gallon ATV Broadcast & Spot Sprayer
3. Chapin International 97561 Chapin Presents The First-Ever Clean-Tank ATV Spraying System, 25 Gallon
4. NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer
5. Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer
NorthStar ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer with 2-Nozzle Boom- 16-Gallon Capacity, 2.2 GPM, 12 Volts Opens in a new tab.
  • 12V, 2.2 GPM NorthStar NSQ Series on-demand pump generates 70 PSI
  • 100% continuous duty oversized electric pump motor — no down time waiting for the motor to cool
  • Patented DXS-3 pump valves are made with chemical-resistant Viton for faster priming, better performance and longer life
  • Santoprene diaphragm has superior reliability and chemical resistance
  • Regulator, pressure gauge and deluxe trigger spray gun for fine tuning of spray pressure
Master Manufacturing SAO-11-015A-MM 15 Gallon ATV Broadcast & Spot Sprayer-Everflo 2.2 GPM, 7 Foot Coverage
  • 15 gallon ATV sprayer
  • Easily adjust Boom brackets for that perfect, consistent spray Height
  • Drench Small to medium lawns, food plots, and waterways with a 7 foot swath from the all-steel broadcast Boom
  • Featuring a top of the line pumping system that includes a robust Everflo 2. 2GPM 12V diaphragm pump, pressure gauge, pressure regulator and shut-off to Boom
  • Adjustable spray gun that can reach up to 25 feet vertically and 30 feet horizontally from the comfort of your seat
  • Includes two mounting straps and quick attach Boom mounts that fit most branded ATVs
Chapin International 97561 Chapin Presents The First-Ever Clean-Tank ATV Spraying System, 25 Gallon Sprayer, Translucent Opens in a new tab.
  • Water and concentrate are in separate tanks, and only mix when spraying
  • The concentrate tank is 2-gallons and the water tank is 25-gallons
  • 2.2 GPM pump with quick connect alligator clips included
  • Quick connect auto shut-off makes it easy to change out tanks
  • There is a mix valve to mix the concentrate verses water at a ratio of 1-10 oz. Of concentrate per gallon of water
  • This unit mounts to a standard ATV, UTV or lawn tractor
NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer - 31-Gallon Capacity, 2.2 GPM, 12 Volt DC Opens in a new tab.
  • 12V 2.2 GPM open flow NorthStar NSQ Series on-demand pump provides faster priming and longer life; 70 PSI max.
  • 100% continuous duty rating
  • Honeywell MICRO SWITCH for enhanced durability and efficiency
  • Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves for superior reliability and chemical resistance
  • Large-capacity proprietary tank design features extra-thick walls that are UV-resistant and compatible with virtually all pesticides
Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer, White & Black
  • Capacity: 15 gallons
  • Product width: 7' Spray coverage when booms are extended
  • Assembly: some assembly required
  • Hitch: connects easily to vehicle's electric source; universal Hitch fits any tractor regardless of brand
  • : Comes with a 3 year limited
  • Power source type: Battery-Powered

Types of sprayer available in the market

There are different types of sprayers in the market. Don’t you think it is right for you to know them? It is very important that you know them with their differences so you can choose the right one for you.

Backpack sprayer

This style of the sprayer is similar to that of your normal backpack. It is designed in such a way that you can carry it on your back with the help of quality straps. It is ideal for a small area and cannot be used for a larger area because of the tank capacity.

It is commonly used for spraying small chemicals and other small substances. Also, it is very easy to move around with it. Refilling is easy, and the application is effortless. 

Spot sprayer

Another style of the sprayer is the spot sprayer. It is a versatile one with low capacity and very easy to transport from one place to another. They are the best to consider for repeated target spray operations. It is basically being used by small businesses because of its versatility and how easy it is to move from one place to another.

UTV sprayer

This is very similar to the ATV sprayer. It is designed to be used on vehicles with utility mounts. Most sprayer for UTV comes with increased tank capacity, pumps, and good nozzle pressure, which makes it effective to reach wider range area.

This is the kind of sprayer been used by professionals for commercial and personal operation. On average, UTV sprayers do come with tank capacity from 25 to 200 gallons.

Tow behind / trailer sprayer

Another type of sprayer is the tow-behind or trailer sprayer. This is designed to be behind vehicles, fitted with hitch type of pull systems. This is mostly used by agriculture farmers, landowners for tasks related to watering, or the application of pesticides and all. On average, tow sprayers come with 55 to 100-gallon capacity.

Things to consider when buying a sprayer

There are some important things that you need to consider whenever you are about getting a sprayer. Take note that most of those factors help you in decision making, and that is the reason you need to give adequate attention to them. 


One of the things you need to consider when buying sprayers is the dimension, which entails the size and the tank capacity. It is left to you to decide the capacity of the tank of the sprayer you want to get. You should make sure you get the tank capacity that meets the purpose of getting the sprayer. 


It will be so regretful to get a sprayer that doesn’t fit your UTV. Not that alone, you need to be sure the sprayer tank is compatible with the substance you intend to use it with. Irrespective of the style of sprayer you get, what is most important is the compatibility with the substance you will load it with. 

If you load your sprayer with a high concentrate of a chemical compound, you need to be sure it can handle the concentrate else; you will damage the tank and will only be left with the option to get a new one. 

Wand and hose

It is not new to you that sprayer works through the application of a pump that dispenses the liquid into a hose of different lengths. You are left with making the decision for the perfect wand and hose that fits your requirements. Take note that the hose end has a different spray style, and the one you get determines the control or the direction the liquid will flow through the nozzle.

Filtration style

Another factor you need to consider is the filtration system. It should not be overlooked as it plays a great role in determining how well you use the sprayer. Aside from helping you through the process of filtration for accuracy’s sake, it also helps to improve the lifespan of the sprayer by preventing clogging. Take note that a good sprayer with a proper filtration system must be able to prevent clogging.


This part of the purchase should never be overlooked. It will be somewhat discouraging to get a sprayer, and you find it hard to install or operate. It is the reason you need to carefully consider this factor. If you are getting for your UTV, you need to be sure of the size, the style, and the fitting before you make any purchase.

Also, you need to check if it is one you can install on your won without the assistance of anyone. There are some you can’t install alone but will need the help of others as well. 


The design of the sprayer is also an important part you need to consider. If you are getting a sprayer, make sure it is the one you will always be inspired to use. Check the settings and structure and ensure you get the one that suits you and your budget.


Getting the best UTV sprayer should not be too difficult, as some claimed to be. Truly, you can get mislead due to the large numbers in the market, but with proper information such as the one we have on this page, you can only end up making the right choice without any regret. 


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