Best UTV Tires For Trail And Mud – Buying Guide & Reviews

Riding your UTV can me messy through some pathway if you do not have the right tire. This shows it is important you have the right tires for any terrain your drive through every day. If you drive through rocky and muddy terrain, then it is not a wrong decision for you to opt for the best UTV tires for trail and mud.

Tires that are designed for trail and mud have the grip and capacity to handle mud and any rocky terrain easily. Also, from the look of things, you will notice from the design that tires built for trail and mud are made specially.

What makes UTV tires for mud exceptional?

Let’s check out some important things you need to know about UTV tires that are designed for trail and mud.

Strong tread pattern

One of the dynamic parts of the mud tire is the strong tread pattern and tread blocks. The strong tread of a mud tire design helps it to claw through and challenge off-road terrain and makes it move through mud easily without getting stuck.

The significant tread depth makes it deliver a powerful biting edge that can make it march through trail and mud. No mud can hold on to your vehicle once you have the right tire in place, and you’ve got the perfect one for you if you’ve got a tire with a strong tread pattern.

Stone and mud ejectors

One other important part that makes mud tires unique is the stone and mud ejectors. Other tires do not have this feature, and so the gunk and mud get stuck on the tire, and it then becomes so hard and difficult to move from a particular spot.

For you to maintain the functional biting edges and guard against the tread being filled with off-road gunk, a mud tire must come with a technology that helps to clear debris out of the tread. This technology is called mud and stone ejectors.

The mud and stone ejectors are integrated within the tread voids to eject debris, which would, in a way, lodge itself between the tread blocks.

Sidewall lugs and tread

The design of some of the tires also involves sidewall lugs and tread, which is situated at the upper sidewall of the entire tire to give additional traction. The sidewall lugs offer additional biting edges to ensure the tire can completely grab onto terrain without any form of difficulty.

Cut, chip, and puncture resistance

One of the parts that make a tire strong and fit for mud is the cut, chip, and puncture resistance. Most tires that are designed for trail and mud have surface layer tread that is engineered to be durable. The parts that contribute to that are cut, chip, and the puncture resistance properties used in its construction.  This makes it solid to handle tough terrain easily without any issue.

Our Recommended UTV Tires For Trail And Mud

1. SunF Power.I UTV all-terrain Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear

SunF Power.I UTV all-terrain Tires are a great choice for most terrain, offering high performance on trails and suitable for desert, mud, dirt and rock applications. The tires feature premium rubber in a hard compound to withstand the harshest racing conditions. They are a perfect replacement tire for your quad ATV, UTV, Go Kart, Golf Cart or Lawn Mower.

The tires' heavy 6-ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions, while the lug depth and pattern offer enhanced skid and traction control, great in cross-country or desert conditions. The aggressive shoulder knobs provide superb side bite and traction with added protection to rim and sidewall.

Truly a great ALL TERRAIN tire at an affordable price, the SunF Power.I UTV all-terrain Tires are a great choice for your next off-road adventure.

2. WANDA UTV Tires 27x9-12 27x9x12 6PR Super Mud

When you're shopping for UTV tires, one of the most important factors to consider is how long the tires will last. Wanda ATV tires have some of the longest lifespans in the industry, thanks to their deep tread design.

The angular shape of the tread also helps to keep mud and muck from accumulating in the tread, which can cause traction loss. With Wanda ATV tires, you can ride on ordinary pavement, rough roads, cross-country, dirt, sand, and snow with ease.

3. SunF A050 28x10-12 Front & 28x12-12 Rear Deep Mud + Trail ATV UTV Off-Road Tires

  • Front Size: 28x10-12 - Rear Size: 28x12-12 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter: Front 12 in - Rear 12 in
  • Directional "V" angled knobby tread design great in most terrain with high performance in mud and loose dirt. A perfect replacement tire for your quad ATV, UTV, Go Kart, Golf Cart or Lawn Mower.
  • Heavy 6 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.
  • Self-cleaning action for improved traction over rough terrain. Aggressive shoulder knobs provide superb side bite and traction with added protection to rim and sidewall.
  • Rim(s) NOT included. Please see full description for specifications. Contact us with any questions or concerns!

4. Tusk Racing Four 30x10-14 TERRABITE Heavy Duty 8-Ply Radial DOT UTV Tires mounted on CASCADE Wheels - For POLARIS

  • Includes Four 30x10-14 Tusk Terrabite Tires mounted to Four Tusk 14 inch Cascade wheels with a 4/156 bolt pattern for Polaris UTV's.
  • The Terrabite is DOT test standard compliant (FMVSS 571.119) at max operating pressure. Radial, 8 Ply Rated Construction. Truck style tread for smooth ride on hard surfaces. Excellent off road performance. High load ratings for today’s larger machines. Tread depth: 3/4 inch. Medium/Hard terrain tire.
  • Includes 16 required 12mm x 1.50mm black tapered lug nuts and key. Please message us if you do not require the lug nuts.
  • If your Polaris requires 3/8 inch lug nuts, PLEASE MESSAGE US right after ordering..
  • The 5+2 wheel offset is standard for most machines, and the 4+3 offset will widen your machine an inch on each side vs. the 5+2 offset.
  • IMPORTANT: Please verify this tire and wheel kit will work with your machine. If you do not have a POLARIS UTV, chances are the wheels or lug nuts will not work for you. PLEASE MESSAGE US before ordering if you DO NOT have a Polaris- just so you can receive the correct wheels or lug nuts. We are NOT responsible for machine incompatibility if these are not ordered correctly.

5. New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 27x9-14 Front & 27x11-14 Rear

  • Set of 4 New WANDA ATV Tires AT 27x9-14 Front & 27x11x14 Rear /6PR P350
  • 6 Ply, load range C, 27x9.00-14 (Rim Width: 7", [email protected]), 27x11.00-14 (Rim Width: 9", [email protected]),
  • Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock;Superior traction in woods;Great in the desert
  • Additional shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall
  • Heavy 6 ply rated nylon construction resists punctures and abrasions

Frequently asked questions

What is the lightest ATV mud tire?

There are many tires out there in the market, and they vary in their weight. Mud tires with weight within 30 pounds to 50 pounds are known to be among the lightweight UTV mud tires you should consider.

How long does UTV mud tires last?

The longevity of UTV tires depends on lots of factors, and one of them is how often you ride the vehicle. On average, a UTV mud tire should last no longer than 1 to 5 years if properly maintained.

What brand of UTV mud tire is the best?

There are different brands that are known for the production of top-quality mud tires for UTV, but few of them are trustworthy includes Honda, Polaris, Yamaha, and Suzuki, but it depends on what UTV you are riding.


If you are looking for the best UTV tires for trail and mud? You’ve got yourself in the right place. We have the information you need to select the right product without any regret. Also, we will share with you some top-rated products that you need to consider when buying one of the best tires you can use on trial and mud-terrain.


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