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There are just three possible means for you to move your UTV from your home to your hunting site or job site, and the first is by driving the UTV, towing, or hauling the UTV. The best from the three options are hauling through the use of loading ramps. Getting one of the best UTV loading ramps is a great investment you will forever appreciate.

Over time, most people seem to think the towing of UTV is the same as hauling the UTV. There are two different things. Towing involves the use of strong and tough rope to pull the UTV with the help of another vehicle, and it doesn’t require the use of loading ramps.

However, if you will be loading the UTV on another big vehicle to transport from one place to another, you definitely need a quality loading ramp to help you through the process. But the major challenge most people face is with choosing the right loading ramps.

The aim of this page is to orientate you and let you know everything about getting loading ramps for UTVs, things to consider, and how you can easily make the right decision without regret.

So, let’s dive in!

Overview of factors to consider when purchasing a loading ramp for UTV

  • The type of vehicle or machine you will be loading
  • The type of truck you will be loading it on
  • The height of your truck
  • The weight of your ATV
  • Where you will be loading your ATV
  • Are you going to have help while loading the truck?
  • Do you have any safety equipment?

What is a loading ramp?

A loading ramp is known by its design as an inclined plane that is being used to load and unload light and heavy materials from a vehicle. It is a very resourceful device that takes the pressure off humans as it helps to reduce stress and human effort at conveying things.

Types of a loading ramp

There are different types of loading ramps you will find in the market, and they include:

Heavy-duty loading ramps

This kind of loading ramp is designed for loading and unloading materials or things or heavyweight. They are designed to withstand the different weights of heavy objects, which makes them one of the best to consider for cars, trucks, forklift, and many more.

Mobile loading ramp

When transporting goods and commodities, the need for a loading ramp might be required, and the one to consider is the mobile loading ramp. They are designed in such a way they can be folded in a concise shape. They are not designed to carry heavy-duty materials, so one needs to ensure they are not too loaded beyond its weight recommendation.

Railcar loading ramp

This is the combination of the heavy-duty loading ramp and the mobile loading ramp. It is designed with the capacity to accommodate and support heavy weight things, and it is also mobile while it makes it easy for you to move without hassles.

Note: Choosing any of the three all based on some important factors which we will share with you below.

Choosing the right loading ramp for your UTV

Here are some of the important things that you need to consider if you want to get a ramp for your UTV.

The type of vehicle or machine you will be loading

Who is that man that builds a house without calculating the cost? This is just to tell that some things need proper planning and that is similar to getting a loading ramp. If you are getting a loading ramp, you need to be sure of what you are going to be loading with it. Getting a loading ramp that doesn’t have the capacity to support the load is a total waste of time and resources.

So, it tells how important it is to consider the load before getting a loading ramp. If you are loading your ramp with your UTV just like I do, you have to consider the heavy-duty or railcar loading ramp. Each of them has the capacity to withstand the weight of UTV, ATV, or any off-road vehicles.

The type of truck you will be loading it on?

It is one thing to get a loading ramp, and it is another thing to get the right one without experiencing any operational use. You need to consider where you will be loading your car, truck, or vehicle. You need to be so sure that the ramp will properly align with the truck bed.

For example, getting a longer ramp will make it so easy for you to lay on your truck bed so you can easily get your UTV on the truck. So, it is important that you check the truck you intend using for conveying and ensure the bed will support the loading ramp.

The height of your truck bed?

The height of your truck is another thing that you need to consider. If the bed of the loading truck is high, it is very important that you opt for a loading ramp that is far higher than that. For instance, if the truck is as high as 9.5 feet, then getting a loading ramp with a height of 11 feet is never a wrong decision.

The weight of your ATV

There is a reason most manufacturers give out instructions regarding the use of their products. Overlooking recommendations from a manufacturer is a sign you are about using the product in the wrong way. So, with loading your ramp with your UTV, ATV, or any other off-road vehicle, it is very important that you check and know the weight of your vehicle.

Each loading ramp comes with the weight they can support, and exceeding it will either result in damaging the ramp or your UTV if it falls while loading on the truck. So, to avoid any form of casualty, you should check the weight of your vehicle and ensure that your loading ramp can support its weight before loading it.

Where you will be loading your ATV

If you’ve ever used a loading ramp, you will get to agree that giving attention to the loading site or place is very important. If you are loading a truck on a muddy surface. You might encounter difficulty with balance when loading. It is important that you take this into consideration during purchase.

Getting a loading ramp that can comfortably work on mud, snow, dirt, sand, gravel, and uneven surfaces are such a great investment for you.

Are you going to need help while loading the truck?

This is the section most buyers leave out during their purchase, and it is one that you can never do away with. You need to be sure if you will be loading your ramp yourself, or you will need assistance from others. If you are loading yourself without the help of anyone, then you should consider going for a longer ramp to help reduce the steepness of the angle, and allow for a slower and safe ascent. 

However, if you will ever rely on the assistance of others, then you might have to overlook or give less attention to this section. Mind you; you have to consider the ease of operation for anyone involved. So, choose wisely!

Do you have any safety equipment?

Above all, the very first thing that you should have on your priority list after considering getting a loading ramp is your safety equipment. I have seen and heard of cases whereby people get injured as a result of loading their truck using a loading ramp.

Accidents happen, and never should you think they don’t. It is the major reason you should have your personal protective equipment and use it whenever you want to load a truck using a loading ramp. Some of the equipment includes your helmet, hand gloves, knee pads, and safety boot, to mention a few.

Loading ramp maintenance

There is more to getting a loading ramp of your choice. You will soon have yourself to blame if you fail to do the necessary by taking good care of your loading ramp. Here is the right way to maintain your loading ramp.


Some loading ramps make use of bar grate decking, which allows debris and dirt to fall off from the ramp, but large materials such as cardboard chunks can get clogged on the loading ramp surface and become difficult to get off which could result in slippery. So as one of the safety measures, you should learn to sweep the loading ramp before loading it.


Another means you can maintain the loading ramp and boost its lifespan is by lubricating it with the use of grease. Make sure you grease every part that needs to be greased to keep the ramp in good condition.

Tire pressure

This doesn’t apply to all loading ramps except those that are mobile with tires. You need to constantly check to ensure the tires are in good condition and inflated to reduce any form of difficulty with moving the loading ramp from one place to another.


If you are buying a loading ramp for personal or commercial purposes, you are just in the right place. With all we have on this page regarding choosing the best UTV loading ramps, we are too sure you can never regret your decision. We have the information needed and soonest we will share with you the lists of the products you can rely on in the market.


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