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Do you own a UTV for personal use or commercial use? Then you must agree to the fact that getting the best UTV battery is never a wrong investment. One of the essential parts of your UTV is the battery. It is undoubtedly the life of the all-terrain vehicle because it is almost difficult to start the vehicle without a battery.

The function of the battery is the same with all vehicles. I once experienced the issue with a flat battery. I parked my car without the help of anyone, and I had to seek the assistance of someone I don’t know to get my car back to life. Later did I discover my battery is terrible and I had to replace it.

The confidence you have when driving, knowing fully well all is in proper condition is second to none. So, without delaying you, this page is solely dedicated to all UTV, ATV and all-terrain vehicles lovers. We aim to help you through the process of choosing the right battery for your UTV and some things that you need to consider.

Also, we will love to share with you some lists of products so we can be well assured you are on the right track.

The role of quality battery of UTVs

The role of a battery can’t be overlooked in UTVs. You can barely start a UTV without one. They are essential to powering your UTV. Also, it has to be charged else; it won’t be able to power your UTV. A quality battery will sure give you the rest of mind you deserve whenever you go out there with your vehicle.

A failing battery is never reliable as it can bring your vehicle to a stop and then refuse to start. So, getting a quality battery is not an option but a matter of necessity for those who want to operate their vehicle with confidence.

Types of batteries you can consider for your UTVs

There are different types of batteries in the market you should know. Knowing them will help you easily select the one that will be of interest to you.


The conventional battery is also known as the flooded or wet battery. The most conventional battery comes with a removable filler cap that makes it easier for anyone to refill the plates with distilled water or bulk acid. This isn’t designed for off-road use but street use.

Due to its propensity to spill, it makes it less powerful for UTVs. Also, it requires lots of maintenance to get the best out of it as you have to check the water level regularly and ensure it doesn’t dry up else, it will damage the plates and ruin the battery.

Gel Cell

Gel cell batteries thus come pricy, and they require constant charging to work perfectly else they will die or fail. The design makes it comes with an electrolyte that is suspended in a silica-like gel. However, it is doesn’t leak. This can be used on UTV and can be mounted in any position, and it has a low self-discharge.

Absorbed glass mat

This battery is also known as the maintenance-free battery, and it thus comes with fibreglass pads that are inserted between the positive and negative plates that absorb electrolyte acid. This ideal for UTVs, it is not prone t spillage, and it is expensive.

The durability and dependence of this battery are one of the reasons it is preferred for off-road use. Also, most of them come with shock and vibration proof feature, which makes it perfect for most terrains.

How to choose the ideal battery for your UTVs

There are some important things that you need to put into consideration when buying a battery for your UTVs, and they include:

Cold-cranking amps

Most people do not check this because they are not fully aware of it. This helps you to know how your battery will function, especially during cold weather condition. A battery with 500 cold cramping amps will efficiently work with any UTV engine even if the temperature drops.

Cycle life

The life cycle of a battery tells you the number of times it can be charged. You need to take note that the higher the number, the longer the lifespan of the battery. A long lifespan battery simply means you do not have to buy new ones regularly.


One of the factors you should consider is the compatibility of the battery, and you can find out through the manufacturer instruction before purchase. Some battery will encounter charging issues when used on some UTVs and to avoid such, and you need to get the right one which will lower your chances of experience electrical failure.

Battery terminal

You sure know most battery comes with terminals. The negative and positive terminals. You need to understand the function of the two. There are things you should understand when using with your UTV. Sometimes ago, my car fan caught fire, and the first thing I had to do is to remove the lead of the battery on the negative terminal, and that helps to reduce the effect of getting the car more damaged.


You need to be cautious of the durability of the battery. Over time, the composition of the battery determines its durability. So, it is imperative that you consider this. If you do lots of riding and you go through tough tasks daily with your UTV, then you need a durable battery.


Extra weight adds up and makes your UTV heavy. You should consider a lightweight battery without sacrificing the quality and functionality of the battery.

Frequently asked questions

How to install UTV battery?

You do not have to worry too much on the installation of your newly acquired battery. All that you need to do is to make use of some tools to remove the wires from the two terminals from the old battery and then insert the new battery. If that is quite difficult to do, you can turn your attention to the instruction given in the manual.

How to charge a UTV battery?

Not all battery needs constant charging, but on the off chance you need to charge your battery, you can purchase a battery charger or a jump starter kit.

How long does UTV battery last?

The lifespan of a UTV battery depends on many factors. However, if you use your vehicle regularly, it might last for one to three years.


Your hunt for the best UTV battery is over with the information we’ve got on this page. We have all that you need to make the right choice or decision without regret. Also, we will share with you our top lists of the batteries you should consider for your UTVs once we have compiled lists from the expert’s desk.


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