Best UTV Chase Lights – Buying Guide & Reviews

There are many ways you can give your UTV the alluring appearance, and one of it is through the use of the best UTV chase lights. This is different from the light that comes with your UTV. The other shade of colors and mode of the display makes it a great addition to any UTV. It is an added accessory and an important one at that. So, if you need one, we are here to guide you through.

Apart from the stylish and alluring appearance, the chase light gives to your UTVs; it also enhances your visibility, especially when you drive late at night. So, with this in mind, getting a quality one is such a great joy for every UTV owner. However, you need to carefully put lots of things into consideration.

How to install chase lights on UTVs

Getting a quality chase light is one thing, and installing it is another thing. There are some important tools needed in the installation of chase lights.

[1] unpack the chase light from the box to check if it comes with an installation bracket or not

[2] Check to see it comes with all screws

[3] Make a measurement on where you decide to install the chase lights on your UTV

[4] Drill holes on areas where needed

[5] Run the cable to your car power outlet

[6] Screw the chase light to the bracket attaching it to your UTV

What exactly is chase light, and how is it different from other lights?

Chase light is known as the rear-facing light bars that are designed with multi-colored flashing lights. The number of lights varies. So, that is one thing you need to consider when choosing the chase light of your choice. However, the length of the chase light determines the number of lights included.

You might find the shorter chase lights with three lights while the longer one might come with six to eight lights. The operation of chase light is dynamic as it usually comes with the ability to change the flashing light patterns.

Choosing chase light – Factors to consider

There are amazing factors that you need to consider when choosing chase light, and they include:

Brand Value

One of the mistakes you can make is getting a chase light from brands that have little or no recognition in the market. There are many products being released into the market, and not all of them are of the quality to serve you well. It is the reason you should consider which brand you are getting your chase light from.

It is advisable that you opt for any of the products from any of the well known and reputable brands in the market. They are many, and you can do yourself lots of good by checking the brands that have garnered recognition in the production of quality lights for UTVs and then opt for any of their chase light. That alone will give you rest of mind and assurance over your investment.

Product features

Features are what makes a product great and accessible. You need to carefully consider all the features that come with the chase light you are about to get. Some are loaded with lights that can operate effectively in any weather condition, and some are selective. So, you need to weigh your options and choose any that has the features in alignment with your requirements.  Remember, you will drive the UTV, and you know exactly what you want.

Product specifications

The specification of the product is another factor that you need to consider. You should never overlook that as they tell you all you need to know about the chase light. This is where you get to know the number of modes, LED block, LED lifespan, waterproof rating, and many more. The specification can be seen in the instructional manual as it is always given by the manufacturer as a guide to help you have the best experience with the product. 

Product durability

If you need a chase light that will take the rough journey with you, then you need to consider the durability of the light. If you do not use your UTV regularly, you might not pay attention to this, but if you do, you then need to consider the durability.

If your chase light is durable, it means you do not have to buy a new one every new month. The durability of the product determines longevity.


The next factor that you need to consider is the quality of the chase light. You need to consider the material it is made from. The material used in the construction of the chase is a major determinant to know the quality of the chase light. It is important that you opt for a quality chase light even if it is pricy, but it will last for a longer period.


One of the things you should also consider is the reviews from customers that have experience with the products in one way or another. This will boost your confidence to choose the right chase light. If you find a product with a high review rating, it is a clear indication that such a product is a good one, and you should go for it. However, if you find one with low quality, it shows the product is not good, and you should never purchase it.


This is another factor that you need to consider. If you are buying a product, the first thing you consider is the price. This tells us you can afford it or not. However, prices vary, and most times, the costly ones are mostly made of higher quality.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need extra tools to install my chase light?

Yes, sometimes, you do need some extra tools in the installation of your chase lights. Tools such as drilling machines are much needed to bore holes if you need to in the installation process.

Is the waterproof feature important?

Apparently, most of the chase lights come with this feature, but one needs to check to be sure. It is am important feature since you are likely to drive your UTV all through the year, and you never know when you will be caught in the rain so that water will not destroy the components therein.

How easy is its installation?

Chase lights are very easy to install once you’ve got all measures in place. You can read the instruction on the installation of the particular one you get so that it can be easy for you. Check the instruction from the manual, and you can as well watch youtube videos on the installation of chase lights from the particular brand.


Here! We have been able to give clear and simplified information on all you need to choose the best UTV chase lights. The light offers lots of amazing benefits than just styling your vehicle, and we have mentioned those above with some other things you need to know when selecting a product in the market.


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